About Greenfly

The future of eco design. An easy to use, yet powerful online tool for designers to integrate environmental considerations into their products using eco design strategies and life cycle assessment data.

Produce environmentally preferable products. Make informed design decisions to integrate sustainability into your products.

Instantly see the potential environmental impacts of your design. Communicate environmental and budget considerations to clients. Greenfly is designed for anyone involved in the development of products. From designers, engineers and manufactures to management and marketing.

Construct and compare designs

Simply enter information on your design concept including materials, manufacturing processes, transport assumptions, operational use and end of life options. As you build your product, Greenfly instantly calculates the environmental impacts of each life cycle phase. Graphs update in real-time to show Global Warming, Water Use, Energy and Solid Waste impact of each design decision you make. Useful design considerations are also provided along the way to help you further reduce the environmental impact of your products.


As you build your product, Greenfly generates customised reports to help you communicate the environmental sustainability considerations of your designs - an invaluable output for in-house use or an additional service you can offer your clients.

More Resources

Greenfly also includes a comprehensive collection of downloadable sustainability information packs to further help you incorporate sustainability into your designs.


Greenfly helps you evaluate designs based on a range of regulatory and compliance protocols, by providing links to the schemes and mechanisms that relevant to the product design process.

State of the art

Access a unique sustainable design tool that combines quantitative data with qualitative resources, based on over 10 years of research and knowledge from experts within the field of sustainable design

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